Lisbon is famous for its delicious pastéis de nata, which are one of the most popular delicacies in the city and the country. In the Portuguese capital, which for many will also be the capital of pastel de nata, there are countless bakeries, pastry shops and cafes that serve this famous Portuguese sweet. For that reason, we decided to share some suggestions to help you find the best pastel de nata in Lisbon.

The best pastel de nata in Lisbon: Top 7

As there are few things as subjective as the preferences when it comes to food, instead of pointing out which is be the best, we are going to suggest 7 places where you can be sure to find delicious pasteis de nata.

1# Pastéis de Belém:

It is here that the most iconic and recognized pasteis de nata can be found, which for many, in this case, should only be called pasteis de Belém. These are really at the origin of this universal gastronomic phenomenon. The most famous pastry shop in Lisbon keeps, in secret, the recipe for the most desirable portuguese custard tarts, handmade daily. As the name implies, it is located in Belém, close to the Jerónimos Monastery, also a tourist attraction. The only drawback, due to the great popularity, will be the excessive number of people, although most say that these pastries are worth the wait.

2# Manteigaria

Manteigaria is a pastry shop dedicated to pastel de nata, which is also super popular. Located near Chiado, one of the busiest and most visited areas of Lisbon, it can be an alternative for those who don’t consider going to Belém. In Manteigaria, the pasteis de nata are delicious and the dough is super crispy, amazing!

3# Aloma

Aloma is a traditional pastry shop, founded in 1943, which has several spaces in the city. For many, it also has an absolutely delicious pastel de nata, which can be tried in Amoreiras, Calhariz, El Corte Inglés, Jardim Constantino and Aeroporto.

4# Confeitaria Nacional

The fourth suggestion is yet another house full of history, founded in 1829. Among the oldest in Lisbon, and with an interior that takes us back in time, Confeitaria Nacional offers, for many, excellent pasteis de nata, with a dough crunchy and creamy filling. Certainly, for some you will have the best pastel de nata in Lisbon. Address: Praça da Figueira 18B, 1100-241 Lisbon.

5# Nata Lisboa

Nata Lisboa is a less traditional option, but it offers very good pasteis de nata. It is a chain of pastry shops, is present in several locations, such as Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais and even Porto.

6# Fábrica da Nata

Another place where you may find the best pastel de nata in Lisbon, at least for you, is Fábrica da Nata. It has several branches in Lisbon and offers a recipe that is also very famous. It is possible to try this proposal at Praça dos Restauradores, Rua Augusta or at the Colombo shopping center.

7# Padaria Portuguesa

Padaria Portuguesa is another chain of bakeries with a strong presence in Lisbon. In addition to Pastel de Nata, in this pastry shop you can try other national delicacies, such as Bolas de Berlin and Milfolhas, as well as a varied offer of bread.

To complement this list, we leave you a list of finalists, representatives of the city, in the competition for the best Pastel de Nata of 2022:

  • Casa do Padeiro
  • Pastelaria Fim de Século
  • Pastelaria Estrela Dourada
  • Choupanna Café

The suggestions we left you are debatable and represent a tiny part of what Lisbon has to offer, so don’t hesitate, while exploring the city, to try pasteis de nata elsewhere, who knows, you might not find your favorite.

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