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Pastel de nata, considered one of the seven wonders of portuguese gastronomy, is probably one the most popular pastry in Portugal and across borders. Nowadays it is often found in pastry shops or supermarkets in several countries where it is increasingly appreciated.

If You are passing by, You can find them in most Portuguese coffees, where it is usually accompanied with some cinnamon and an expresso.

Explore our space and discover curiosities, wonderful recipes, whether for making a traditional pastel de nata, a gluten-free version, Vegan, with chocolate or made using a kitchen robot like Bimby. Find out the nutritional value and how many calories they have, to enjoy Your pastel de nata without weight on Your conscience..and body.

Find exceptional products to add flavor to your business, be it a restaurant, a pastry shop or retail.

Pastel de Nata History

This delicacy, which today has become a common place, originated in Belém, which gives it the name by which it is also recognized: the famous pastel de Belém. According to its history, in the 19th century, priests of Jerónimos monastery started to sell this product in the area. The typical bustle of the place contributed, at the outset, for its diffusion to start…

However, due to the social and political context at the time, the monastery have been closed, with the original recipe being sold to a national entrepreneur, returned from Brazil. He starteda business that still remains in the family today.

The original recipe, from Pastel de Belém, remains absolutely unique and is, even today, kept under lock and key and is also patented. The confectioners responsible for pasteis de Belém production have only access to the recipe over an oath and signing a responsibility term. Nowadays, it is common to find these cakes, that look absolutely irresistible, in adaptation of the original recipe. Although pasteis de nata can be found anywhere, the pasteis de Belém are still unique.

Pastel de Nata Recipes



The traditional recipe, although not the original, was largely responsible for the spread of this delight. It is the one we find most commonly in cafes and supermarkets, national and foreign. Discover how to make pasteis de nata, venture into your kitchen and surprise your family and friends.

pasteis de nata

All the Articles about Pastel de Nata


Flour, water, eggs, butter, lemon and milk are the main protagonists, of a recipe that raises the maxim that simple things are often the best.


A creamy texture, contrasting with the crunchy puff pastry, reveals little secrets of the recipe when the flavors and odors of lemon and vanilla assault our senses.


The perfect Pastel de Nata is in the combination of a balanced cream, a crunchy and salty dough, with perfect cooking.

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