Frozen Portuguese Custard Tarts

Frozen portuguese custard tarts are often a last option in pastries, restaurants and supermarkets, regarding a fresh option. We say last option because usually the frozen product is associated with a lower quality.  The news we bring is that it doesn’t have to be like this anymore: Our partnership with a factory of excellence allows us to propose frozen portuguese custard tarts, raw or cooked, with an unquestionable quality. Its puff pastry and cream are as good, or better, than those we find in the most famous houses of pastel de nata in Portugal. Our partner has distributors in some of the strongest European markets, provides airlines and some big retail groups.

If you think frozen portuguese custard tarts can’t be as good as the best, schedule a tasting session with us and put an end to any doubts. 

Frozen portuguese custard tarts – Raw

Whether you have a restaurant, a pastry shop, a supermarket or work on the distribution industry, as long as there is a good oven, you will always have a premium quality solution with the raw frozen portuguese custard tarts, ready to serve  fresh or, as many prefer, hot and out of the oven. The crispy puff pastry, with a touch of salt, exalts a unique and balanced cream.

Frozen portuguese custard tarts – Cooked

Alternatively and ideal for simpler processes, the cooked or baked option is a great product, ready to serve.

Frozen portuguese custard tarts options: recipe, flavour and weight

Among the portuguese custard tarts available for sale our sincere suggestion goes to the traditional recipe. It’s sublime , it’s unanimous, it’s a winning bet. However, for those looking for a differentiated offer, there are many delicious variations capable of making your business stand out from competitors.

Range of frozen raw:

  • Traditional recipe (70 or 90 grams);
  • Original recipe (70 grams);
  • Gourmet recipe (90 grams);
  • Miniature (30 grams);
  • Lactose free (70 grams  – minimum quantity: 4000 units);

With flavours (70 grams):

  • With chocolate;
  • With vinho do porto (port wine);
  • With raspberry;
  • With blueberry;
  • With apple.

Range of frozen cooked:

  • Traditional(65 ou 80 grams);
  • Original (65 grams);
  • Gourmet (80 grams);
  • Miniature (25 grams);
  • Lactose free (70 grams  – minimum quantity: 4000 units);

With flavours (65 gramas):

  • With chocolate;
  • With vinho do porto (port wine);
  • With raspberry;
  • With blueberry;
  • With apple.

Frozen, raw of cooked, with packging for retail

  • Raw and cooked tars in 6 units pack’s.
  • Available for traditional and miniature options.

To get to know more information on this products, regarding quantities, prices and logistics, get in touch with us.

Our partner’s production unit is based in Alentejo and provides several customers in several countries. Large retail groups, airlines, among other businesses that bet on this specialty across borders. We leave an invitation to know this product. All you have to do is fill out our form and tell us what you want.

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    TraditionalOriginalVeganMiniatureGourmetLactose freeWith chocolateWith Vinho do PortoWith RaspberryWith Blueberry

    Product Preparation:*
    Frozen uncookedFrozen cooked

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    Portuguese Custard Tarts, the flavours of knowledge and tradition

    The production of our portuguese custard tarts, in addition to the flavor we challenge you to taste in our facilities, meets all applicable legal requirements, with regard to hygiene and food safety. Irresistible Pastel de Nata, produced, stored and transported according to the best practices of the food industry, with IFS Food certification.

    Looking for frozen or raw custard tarts, packaged for retail?

    We have the right solution for you, with a line of raw and cooked, in boxes of 6 units, for traditional and miniature recipes. To find out more about the product, contact us.

    Looking for frozen miniature custard tarts?

    Our offer includes this type of pastel de nata, with 25 or 30 grams, frozen raw or cooked. To find out more information about this product, such as price and minimum quantities, contact us now.

    Looking for custard tarts with chocolate, port wine or other flavors?

    Discover the solutions we have for you, on the frozen or raw range. Traditional or Gourmet, lactose free, with Port Wine or chocolate, are just some of our solutions. Discover them now and schedule a tasting.