Portuguese Custard Tart calories, yes you should always ask when something sweet is this good. We would all like to hear the same answer. Few … of course … That would mean that we could, without any weight on our conscience, enjoy this wonder on a more regular basis.

But let’s not be discouraged. If it is true that the pastel de nata has few calories, it is also true that if we compare it with other cakes, apparently more harmless, it is not that caloric. A madeleine, with 435 calories per 100 grams or a palmier, with 435 calories per 100 grams, among other popular cakes, make the Portuguese Custard Tart a madness that, after all, it’s not that sinful. Based on puff pastry, milk, eggs, sugar, cornstarch flour and sometimes lemon, and / or vanilla and / or cinnamon, the Portuguese Custard Tart is, above all, a brilliant and super happy combination.

Portuguese Custard Tart Calories

A traditional portuguese custard tart or, better said, the one we find most often has an average of 298 calories per 100 grams. Typically, the custard tarts served to us are between 80 and 60 grams, which corresponds to a variation between 238 and 178 calories.

This means that it is a considerably less caloric and energetic cake than the examples we just mentioned and perhaps one of the best options when we decide to make an extravagance or make an exception.

In addition, if you decide to make your custard tart at home you can always try to create a slightly lighter and healthier option. There are several versions and recipes of this delicacy that you can test and adapt. Some of the options that we prepared for you:

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